We now have 2023 flu vaccine stock available. Government funded (free) vaccines are available for people: under 5 years old, 65 years and older, 5-64 year olds with at risk medical conditions.

Privately funded flu vaccines are available for $30.

Appointments can be booked online with our nurse or by calling our reception team.

Covid booster and Flu vaccination (combined) can be given on the same day if you require both.

Our team is committed to encourage quality improvement in our practice, and to identify opportunities to make changes that will improve the clinical care of patients.  We have a recall and reminder system in place as a continuous and long-term preventative approach towards all of our patient’s general health and wellbeing. Our practice utilises information management techniques that allow us to collect and analyse deidentified data to contribute with our quality improvement research activities . If you want to be excluded from this research, or from any recall and reminder systems please inform reception.